The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that judge has possibly committed a crime when granted lawyer’s motion

A lot of people are frosty about the exclusive authority of the court to appoint an examination, for various reasons. If such a decision is taken at the request of the defense, then, it turns out, there is a crime.

Olga Shevchenko, as an investigating judge, granted the request of a lawyer to appoint engineering and technical expertise in criminal proceedings.

Over two weeks the Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office initiated proceedings under Art. 375 of the Criminal Code. Subsequently, the prosecutor requested the Zhovtnevy District court of Mariupol to provide copies of the related case files.

The judge recalled (№ 3300/0/6-18) that the GRECO group of experts considered this article as one of the threats to the judges’ independence.  And this pressure tool continues to be applied. Probably, because over the past four years neither the High Council of Justice, nor the highest courts have expressed their position on this matter.

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