The social worker was beaten by the police of Vasilkov – the statement of “Convictus Ukraine”

All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine” states that the manager of its social projects, Igor Kozak, was detained and beaten in the local district department of Vasilkov city.

“We, the employees of “Convictus Ukraine” organization, are deeply impressed by the brutality of the police and ask international organizations, the media and the public not to remain indifferent! Today at 1.30 p.m. “Convictus Ukraine” social projects manager, Igor Kozak, has been detained and beaten in the local district department of Vasilkov city. It is shock that our employee has been beaten in the presence of the police chief of Vasilkov, who reacted to the beating in no way!”, it is stated in the message of the organization.

According to the news, Kozak is now in hospital.

“It should be noted that our employee did not have any prohibited items or substances!!!! Moreover, he voluntarily went to the department when police officers insisted on it!!!! We demand the resignation of the head of local police, a fair investigation of the incident and punishment of those responsible!”, “Convictus Ukraine” declares.

Since 2009 “Convictus Ukraine” has been implementing programs aimed at counteracting HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Kyiv region. It has close cooperation with public authorities and local governments. Igor is one of the Convictus activists who has developed work in Kyiv region and thanks to him today we have an effective range of services for access to the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis of high-risk groups.

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