The Supreme Court of Ukraine reacts to Petrenko’s statement on the dismissal of judges

The Supreme Court of Ukraine has forwarded a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament with a request to strictly follow the provisions of the legislation when dealing with the matters of appointing judges, whose five-year terms have ended, instead of political appeals like statements made by Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko.

The Supreme Court’s letter addressed to MPs touches upon the events that took place on May 18, when Pavlo Petrenko proposed to dismiss 800 judges, who expected to be re-appointed to their positions perpetually, during parliamentary hearings.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time senior officials and representatives of Ukrainian political scene have made such suggestion. Moreover, these appeals concerning dismissal of the judges are usually supported by negative reviews of the judges’ work, accusations of corruption addressed to every judge and shifting the blame for every problem in the country to the judges. These methods are used to intentionally create the mood of mistrust and enmity towards the judges in society , cultivate disbelief in the judiciary, which makes mass dismissal of the judges seem like the only option that could finally set into motion the implementation of reforms in the country, lead to economic growth, improvement of welfare of our citizens and eradicate all manifestations of corruption in the country”, the Supreme Court’s letter reads.

The Court points out that prolonged non-appointment of the judges perpetually has led to the disruption of work of a number of local courts, whereas in several other courts this has resulted in only one judge having the authority to carry out justice. According to the information of the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine, unless the Parliament appoints the judges perpetually by the end of this year, approximately 40 regular courts will halt their work completely.

Underscoring the necessity of prompt resolution of the question of judges’ appointment, the Supreme Court urges the Parliament to strictly follow the provisions of international standards in the field of legal proceedings and national legislation in this matter instead of following political agendas.

The text of the Supreme Court’s letter can be accessed at the link .


Source: Law and Business

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