The Supreme Court requests the Constitutional Court to prevent the encroachment on all judges

The Plenary of the Supreme Court convened on November 15 in order to request the Constitutional Court to prevent the implementation of the norms of the law which contradict the Basic Law.

“Law and Business” correspondent reported: “It is clear that the downsizing of supreme leaders will affect the access of citizens to the court”.

However, the President of the Armed Forces, Valentina Danishevska, during her report on this issue pointed out other controversial provisions that have already become a part of the laws “On the Judicial System and the Status of Judges” and “On the High Council of Justice” thanks to Law No. 193-IX.

The judges of the Supreme Court supported the appeal in which they pointed out, in particular, the violation of the Constitution through compulsory retirement of members of the Supreme Council by a new body which is not envisaged by the Basic Law.

Furthermore, the supreme leaders saw an assault on the judges in an updated disciplinary procedure. So, the deadline is set for the judges to provide explanations – 3 days is not enough and can make judges more vulnerable.

The Supreme Court unanimously asks the Constitutional Court to consider urgently these and other potential violations of the Basic Law.

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