The Venice Commission expects to receive a revised Lustration Act

The European Commission “For democracy through law” (Venice Commission) expects Ukraine to provide an improved Lustration Act and is positive that Kyiv will finalize the process at the nearest possible moment.

The aforementioned was communicated by Tatyana Myshelova , the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Venice Commission.

We are certain that Ukrainian authorities will complete all requirements and forward an improved text to us faster than expected”, she said.

T. Myshelova reminded that in its final conclusion on the Lustration Act of Ukraine, presented in June 2015, the Venice Commission had evaluated a number of draft amendments to the Lustration Act, provided for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration in April 2015. “The Venice Commission published a number of recommendations on improving these amendments. The Commission has not been informed of any new developments since …”, she noted.

The Venice Commission added that they possessed no information as to whether its recommendations had been taken into consideration in the final edition of the Lustration Act and assured that they had not partaken in any deliberations since April 2015. “The Venice Commission has not participated in any consultations or deliberations on the Lustration Act since June 2015”, its representative emphasized. Therefore, according to Ms Myshelova, the Commission possesses no information as to whether the text presented for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration in April 2015 was amended in conformity with the recommendations laid down by the Venice Commission in its final conclusion.


Source: Legal Practice

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