The Verkhovna Rada has banned the broadcasting of Russian films produced after January 2014

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the Act on amending the Cinema Act (bill #3359).

The Act has expanded the norm on banning the broadcasting of films , produced by individuals and legal entities of the “aggressor state”, which do not contain the popularization or propaganda, onto the films produced after January 1, 2014, and (or) first made public (screened) after January 1, 2014 .

Let us remind that Russian films and television programs produced after January 1, 2014, were banned earlier.

Also the Verkhovna Rada has adopted the bill #3240 on amending the Budget Code with respect to the state support for the cinema in Ukraine. The bill included the amendments, which, if implemented, would ensure the constant funding of the cinema through consolidating the protected budget articles, introducing novel approach to the state funding in the cinema sphere, creating efficient mechanisms of attracting private investments into the industry.


Source: JurLiga

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