The Verkhovna Rada is advised to ban Russian media content

The Verkhovna Rada is advised to show support for Ukrainian cinema and ban media content from Russia.

Nikolay Knyazhytskiy , the Head of the Culture and Religion Committee, has proposed to include the appropriate bills in the agenda for the following plenary week.

At the conciliatory board of the Parliament, Knyazhytskiy has requested that the Law on Support for Ukrainian Cinema and the Law on Banning Media Content of the Aggressor State be included in the following plenary week’s agenda.

He justified it by claiming that they are still being drafted at the moment, while this week’s agenda is basically full.

In response to the question posed by the Head of the Verkhovna Rada Andrii Parubiy , who wondered why not put it on this week’s agenda regardless, Knyazhytskiy answered:

The technical portion is not ready yet, because we could not even assemble the committee meetings as everyone was always busy at the factions’ meetings due to the Prime Minister appointment process. So we had to slow it down a bit ”.

This is how we work: the representatives of the coalition assemble, hand us the agenda, we discuss it here. Then they write down when and where we should amend it a bit, but it is a mere technicality ”, he said.

We have always used the conciliatory board, and Mr. Koks reproached us for it, to promote political statements, which is ridiculous. Because this is where decisions on coordination with the coalition leaders should be made. I hope that in the future this is how it is going to be ”, he added.


Source: Ukrainian Pravda

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