The world recognized the effectiveness of mediation, nevertheless not for all disputes

The experts discussed the advantages and disadvantages of mediation during the international meeting “Kyiv rbitration Days. Thing Big ”, organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association.

“Law and Business” reports : Senior Legal Officer of Kennedys (UnitedKingdom) Alexander Skard noted that mediation in the UK is staggeringly widespread.

The country has developed mechanisms and principles of mediation. And the mediators themselves participate in mediation not only within the country, but also during international disputes where many countries
are involved. At the same time, Alexander Skard emphasized, there are cases that are not subject to mediation. These include cases involving fraud, or those whose participants are interested in interpreting the law
or a specific court prescription.

Managing Partner of Merilampi and former Secretary-General of the Finnish Arbitration Institute (Finland) Heidi Merikalla-Teyr agreed the mentioned above.

She noted that she is a big fan of mediation through its speed, flexibility and affordable cost compared to arbitration and litigation. However, mediation in her homeland is not a popular procedure and over the years
the number of such cases can be counted on the fingers.

Sharon Ong , Director of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Justice of Singapore (Singapore), believes that until quite recently, the popularity of mediation in the world was hindered by the lack of common standards of
the procedure. This was corrected with the signing of the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation.

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