There are complaints to the European Court against Ukraine twice as much than against Russia

At the beginning of the year, there are more than 18 thousand complaints on violations the European Convention on Human Rights by Ukraine submitted to the ECHR Secretariat.

It is reported by “European truth”.

The statistical summary provided “European truth” by the press-service of the European Court of Human Rights, referred to that as of December 31, 2016 there were 18,131 lawsuit filed against Ukraine, which represents 22.8% of the total number of cases.

One year ago, Kiev took also the first place on this indicator – “Ukrainian package” accounted for 13,900 complaints or 21.4% of the total. Thus, the burden on the ECHR from Ukrainian side for the year increased by more than 4 000 cases.

However, other countries of the three “anti-leaders” have changed over the years. Russia, which was on the 2nd place with 14.3% of cases dropped to 4th place with 9.3% this year (7 400 cases). On the second place – Turkey (12 600 15.8%), the third – Hungary (8 950, 11.2%).

The European Court of Human Rights is overloaded with the complaints (mainly from the eastern and southeastern member states of the Council of Europe). During the year, the situation has worsened further with the complaints. At the beginning of the year it was nearly 80 thousand cases. During the year 53,500 new complaints were received (by 13 thousand more than last year) and 38,500 –considered or rejected.

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