There is a leakage in the State Bureau, of Investigation, but the perpetrators are not punished, – R. Truba

The State Bureau of Investigation does not have a disciplinary commission yet, and the Council of Public Control under the SRI must be changed.

This was stated by Roman TrubA, the head of the State Bureau of Investigation during the briefing, as reported by the correspondent of “Law and Business”.

He explained his dissatisfaction with the lack of a disciplinary commission by the fact that the Public Control Council at the SBI should be changed. Although a year ago, he independently made recommendations regarding its members.

R. Truba also assured that he would not allow any official who violated the law to shirk responsibility. However, while the lack of personnel prevents it, after all, there are only 25 investigators per 10,000 criminal proceedings. In addition, there are cases when information goes beyond the bureau walls, but it is impossible to punish the perpetrators, because there is still no disciplinary authority. However, despite the difficulties, 1600 indictments have already been brought to court.

As for the high-profile case concerning the boy who was killed by the police, the likely perpetrators of the case received suspicions.

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