Translation of the “Rule of law checklist” of the Venice Commission was promulgated

On June 26, a presentation of the document “Rule of law checklist”, developed by the Venice Commission, took place, it would be a tool for assessing the rule of law, legislation and judicial practice in the country.

Translation of the document was promulgated by the Supreme Court of Ukraine. It is available here, and you can also read comments — following the link.

The document was promulgated by the President of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the Venice Commission), Gianni Buquicchio, in his speech he noted that the “Rule of law checklist” was developed as a universal tool that interpreted the principles of justice, giving proper examples and problems.

“The fact that we have this document translated into Ukrainian will give an opportunity to read and understand the whole depth of the notion of “Rule of law checklist ” – a new term that will replace the rule of law”, D.Buquicchio noted.

Presenting the document a member of the Venice Commission from Ukraine, Sergey Golovatyi, has noted that this is the first edition, implemented in the national language, in addition to the working languages of the Venice Commission.

The practical purpose of the “Rule of law checklist” is to create a tool for assessing the rule of law in a specific country, taking into account its constitutional and legal structure, existing legislation and judicial practice. The purpose of the document is to make objective, transparent and equivalent evaluation possible. Using a tool to help measure the quality of the rule of law based on the criteria listed in it, one can get a certain result regarding the level of justice in any country.

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