Ukraine does not ensure the rights of persons without citizenship – Office of the Ombudsman

Ukrainian government has not done anything yet to ensure in Ukraine the implementation of the rights of persons without citizenship.

It was stated by the Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Elena Smirnova during the presentation “Protection of stateless persons against arbitrary detention in Ukraine”.

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The authors of research conducted by the experts from the charity fund “Right to protect” together with HIAS, have focused their attention on the fact that the order of detention for the purpose of deportation from Ukraine is the same for both: foreigners and for persons without citizenship. In their opinion, this procedure is discriminatory in relation to stateless persons, who often cannot be deported, but are detained.

According to the press service of the Ombudsman, the panel discussion on the Draft law No.5385 “On Amendments to Law of Ukraine “On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons” was held during the presentation.

“The Ombudsman suggests two ways of improving the practice of documenting the migrants and combating the criminalization of irregular migration: further improvement of the legislation and its application, or migratory amnesty”, claimed Smirnova during the debate.

Participants of the draft law discussion have noted that the purpose of the draft law is to establish the procedure for determining status of stateless person, which further allows for such persons to stay legally in the territory of Ukraine, to get a residence permit, and to get immigration permit – for those who stays on the territory of Ukraine in that status for more than three years.

Presentation participants took part in the formation of the recommendations and comments to the draft law, as well as called for the conducting a broad information campaign on protecting the rights and interests of persons without citizenship.

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