Ukraine’s visa-free regime with the EU is in jeopardy

The EU countries want to impose limitations on visa-free regime with Turkey and Ukraine. The EU wants to sign a special agreement with Turkey on visa-free regime, which could be revoked in case Ankara fails to uphold its end of the bargain with regard to the refugees. Similar provision could be applicable to the agreement with Ukraine as well.

The implementation of visa-free regime between the European Union and Turkey planned for the end of July likely will be subject to certain limitations. In Ankara’s case, the EU, as opposed to the existing practice, plans to sign a special agreement on visa regime liberalization. Citing the informed sources in the EU diplomatic circles, the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag Welt am Sonntag reports that several countries of the European Union, including Germany and France, have placed such requirements.

This agreement will include the so-called paragraph on delayed action, which is included in the event if Turkey fails to conform to the arrangements previously agreed upon, such as appropriate repatriation of the refugees from Greece, adequate protection of the refugees in need of protection, the observance of human rights ”, the publication’s source claimed.

If adopted, this paragraph of the agreement might relatively quickly cause the revocation of visa-free regime that is already in place. According to the newspaper, it may also be applied to the agreements on visa liberalization with Ukraine, Georgia and Kosovo.

Final decision on such plans has not yet been made, however, it is expected to be made soon. According to the publication’s information, Ministers of Internal Affairs of the EU countries are expected to discuss this matter at length during their meeting on April 21 in Luxembourg.


Source: EuroUA

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