Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church: Authorities divide Ukrainians into “us” and “them”

The incumbent authorities are artificially and purposefully dividing the Ukrainian citizens into “us” and “them” and treating the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) “with contempt and cynical disdain”.

This is taken from the address of the Council of Bishops and the Patriarchal Council of UAOC.

The statement says that the Kyiv authorities have forbidden the authocephaly from holding services in St. Andew’s Church, the UAOC Cathedral, due to the renovation process at the church. According to the Head of UAOC, the authorities could have allowed the services, because the renovations are being made in the exterior of the temple, not the interior.

The address also points out that holding services in the “coach” building, located under the stairs of St. Andrew’s Church, was also forbidden, which resulted in the UAOC community having to hold service in the open air.

The authors of the address underscore that while the UAOC congregation are forced to cast their prayers in the street, the authorities granted the Small Sofia temple to the Kyiv Patriarchy, whereas they could have given UAOC the right to temporary service there. The autocephaly believe that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchy had no dire need to be allowed to hold service at the Small Sofia.

Despite the fact that current authority claims to be democratic and european, it does nothing to uphold all-european ethical values, because it treats Ukrainian citizens unequally. This extends to the Christian communities as well ”, the address concludes.


Source: Orthodox Journalist Union

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