Ukrainians are unhappy: the ranking

“World Happiness Report” considers the residents of Ukraine to be among the unhappiest in the world. Ukraine has dropped by 36 points in “World Happiness Report”, compared to the 2013 ranking. Denmark and Switzerland have once again been crowned the happiest countries in the world.

Ukraine, mostly due to the conflict in the East and economic crisis, has dropped from 87th place down to 123rd, compared to the data from 2013. Kenya and Ghana are right next to us in the ranking . Ukraine is also included among the top ten countries that have experienced the most significant drop in the ranking, if one compares the data from 2005-2007 and from 2013-2015.

Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland were crowned the top three happiest countries, for a second year in a row, whereas Togo, Syria and Burundi were deemed the unhappiest ones. The United States outdid a number of Western European countries and took the 13th place. Germany placed 16th, the United Kingdom – 23rd, France – 32nd. China, the most populous country in the world, ranked 83rd. India took 118th place, while Russia placed 56th.
In order to compile “World Happiness Report”, which had first been published in 2012, its authors have compared the countries of the world with respect to six factors, including GDP per capita, social security level, average life expectancy of a healthy person, social freedom, and corruption level.


Source: EuroUA

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