UN Office urges Ukraine to take actions on “Myrotvorets” website

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recommended Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to investigate immediately “Myrotvorets” website’s activity.

It is stated in OHCHR Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, released on September 12.

The document says that on July 7, 2017, the National Police opened criminal proceedings against “Myrotvorets” website, which since August 2014 has been publishing personal data of thousands of people, including media professionals and activists of scientific and production associations (NGOs), calling them supporters of armed groups and terrorism.

“OHCHR welcomes this step and calls on the authorities to conduct an effective investigation and take measures to remove personal data from the website,” the report said.

Moreover, it is also recommended “to investigate immediately and effectively the alleged violations related to “Myrotvorets” website”.

Let us remind that on May 7, 2016 on “Myrotvorets” website the personal data about 4 thousand journalists were published, which received the so-called “accreditation in the DNR.” At the same time, “Myrotvorets” website accused all these journalists of treason and cooperation with the separatists.

In addition to Ukrainian journalists, the personal data of CNN, AFP, Reuters, BBC, New York Times, Vice News and Al Jazeera journalists were made public.

The European Union urged Ukrainian authorities to remove the personal data of accredited journalists published by “Myrotvorets” website.

On May 16, “Myrotvorets” website announced its closure. However, already on May 19 it announced about the resumption of work.

Moreover, personal data of journalists officially accredited for work on the territory of the Russian Federation were published in a few days on the website. There were 4 Ukrainian journalists among the journalists whose personal data were made public.
Source: Human Rights Information Center

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