US has promised to impose sanctions against ICC judges for attempts to investigate crimes in Afghanistan

The White House has promised to impose sanctions on judges of the International Criminal Court if they decide to launch an investigation into the crimes of the US military and security services in Afghanistan.

Washington said they were taking all necessary measures to protect its population and allies from the unfair prosecution by this illegitimate court. In particular, a prohibition on entry to the US may be applied to judges and investigators of the ICC, DW writes.

“We will impose sanctions on their funds, we will prosecute them under American criminal law,” Presidential Adviser John Bolton promised. They will take the same measures regarding any company or state that will co-operate with the ICC on the persecution of the US citizens.

The Hague Court officially was formally launched in 2002. However, then-US President George W. Bush Junior refused to ratify the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Most countries of the world recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. There are 123 member states. Ukraine is also going to join the Charter, which became possible after amendment to Article 144 of the Constitution in 2016.

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