Verkhovna Rada has passed at first reading draft law on High Council of Justice

The Verkhovna Rada has passed at first reading the draft law on the High Council of Justice (HCJ).

In the framework of judicial reform, 232 Members of the Parliament voted for the respective decision, reports “Ukrayinska Pravda” .

Two draft laws were submitted for MP’s consideration: president’s draft law No. 5180 and No. 5180-1 from Evgeniy Muraev (independent MP).

The Chairman of the relevant Rada’s committee Ruslan Knyazevich said that the Committee recommended to adopt the president’s draft law and to reject Muraev’s document No. 5180-1.

Knyazevich also noted that the HCJ should consider, inter alia, disciplinary cases accumulated so far more than 12 thousand.

As stated in the draft law, the law defines the status, power, principles of organization and procedure of activity of the High Council of Justice.

The law will be a continuation of the judicial reform. As is well known, the Parliament amended the Constitution of Ukraine on justice on June 2.

The amendments to the Constitution has envisaged the creation of a new body – the High Council of Justice – a collegial, an independent constitutional body of judicial self-government, permanently operating in Ukraine.

The High Council of Justice will be the main authority on judicial career; it is entitled to decide on the appointment, dismissal and transfer of judges, to give permission for their detention, arrest, exclusion, etc.

The draft law of President Poroshenko was represented in the Parliament by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Alexei Filatov .

In turn, MP Sergei Vlasenko called the draft law a profanation and accused Filatov in the attempts of taking control over the courts.

Previously, experts of Resuscitation reform package warned that it was impossible to adopt the Law on the High Council of Justice without making changes. They point out that despite considering some previous proposals from Resuscitation reform package, the draft law No.5180 still contains some provisions that could bring previous achievements of judicial reform to nought.

In early September, the Council on Judicial Reform under the President of Ukraine approved the draft law on the High Council of Justice.


Source of information: Information Centre on Human Rights

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