Vice-President of the UAA Vitaliy Matselyukh:

“Endurance in sports will give and endurance at work”

Solving legal puzzles requires extraordinary intellectual, psychological, and sometimes physical stress. After all, it is not a secret that the working day of a successful lawyer is irregular, sometimes it is necessary to stay late in the office. Vitaliy Matselyuh, managing partner of the attorney association “Artius”, vice president of the Ukrainian Advocates` Association, told how to avoid becoming a workaholic, to keep fit and to develop a thirst for victories not only in sporting competitions, but also in professional activities.


“Simple human values ​​that inspire everyone to move forward”

– The work of the lawyer is extremely tense. So sometimes you need to switch to another activity. Should this be physical activity or something calmer, such as art?


– The profession of lawyer is extremely responsible, especially when it has to be combined with administrative and public affairs. In such a situation, it is necessary not only to keep an eye on the pulse of current affairs of the company, but also to monitor the legislative changes, social processes, changes in the state. To have reserves of energy for all kinds of work, it must be replenished. In my opinion, such a source is sport, and cognitive travel to picturesque corners of our state or other countries can give emotional and spiritual rest.


– The AAU often holds a variety of sports tournaments. Which sport is best suited to lawyers?

– The the Advocates` Association of Ukraine holds tournaments, sports events, organizes leisure activities not only for its members, but also for all lawyers of Ukraine in order to provide a charge of vital energy. New acquaintances, communication are simple and prose human values ​​that inspire everyone to move forward.


Last year, the Kyiv city department of the AAU, which I lead, carried out many sports events, including bowling tournaments, table tennis, beach volleyball. 2018 should be even more eventful. In addition, we plan to hold shooting and chess tournaments, as well as overcome the cycle route from Kyiv to Kaniv.


It is difficult to say which kind of sport is more suitable for lawyers, because it is a personal matter. In turn, we are trying to cover the entire range of sports activities to be of interest to everyone. The main thing – the desire to engage in sports, train the body and steel the will to win. Endurance in sports will also provide endurance at work. Victory on the sports ground will necessarily bring professional achievements.


“You need to manage your private time”

– How many lawyers are willing to take part in the competitions? Does this desire depend on physical training, busyness, etc?


– Unfortunately, there are few lawyers who are interested in sports competitions. Each of our tournaments collects up to 50 people. At the same time, there are more than 40 thousand lawyers in Ukraine. However, our job is not only in the actual exercise of sports, but also in promoting it. Perhaps it took a little time for lawyers to realize that you can rest not only in the restaurants or at the beach, but also at the recreational activities.


Today we see that more and more people are paying attention to sport every year. It becomes a trend. Therefore, with each tournament, the attention of new participants to our events is increasing. Busyness is not an obstacle, but a disease to fight with. You need to manage your private time – “Who owns time, owns the world”.


As Robert Kiosaki rightly pointed out: “Your brain can do everything. Absolutely everything. The main thing is to convince yourself of this. Hands do not know that they cannot push, legs do not know that they are weak. It knows your brain. If you convince yourself that you can do everything, you can really do everything. ”


– How do you determine which competitions to hold or the event to organize?


– We choose sports events in accordance with the seasonal conditions. In winter it can be bowling, futsal, table tennis, basketball, and in the summer it is desirable to feel warm air during beach volleyball, crossfit, football, cycling competitions, etc. This year we plan to make educational trips to the historic corners of the Ukrainian land.


To determine the direction of the future sports event, we conduct a survey among the lawyers. We expect them to help with new challenging ideas. We also involve partners to assist in organization and to provide their offers, for example, on crossfit.


“Lawyers are not accustomed to lose”

– In order to achieve results in any sport, regular trainings are required. At least three times a week. Is there enough time for lawyers to prepare for the competition?


– Training and preparation for the competition is the personal responsibility of each lawyer. Who ignores it, has no chances to win. However, our lawyers are not accustomed to lose. Some of them are always actively preparing. So, until the next table tennis championship, individual players are trained with personal trainers to demonstrate the high skill of the game.


– That is, attorneys do not claim to win the Olympics, but rejoice in victories and get upset because of the defeat?


– Attorneys do not pretend to Olympic gold, but personal passion and the will to win among friends, colleagues take over. The positive emotions in the tournaments always reach the high limit, and the joy of victory illuminates the heart with powerful energy.

Despite the sports loss, in fact no one is defeated, because everyone makes new friends, acquaintances, positive emotions and pleasant memories.

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