Visa-Free Regime between Ukraine and Europe: the Infographics

On December 18, the European Commission published a report on Ukraine’s completion of the plan on visa liberalization with the European Union.

The report says that Kiev fulfilled Brussels’s requirements, and therefore the European Commission recommends that the Council of Europe cancelled the visa regime for the Ukrainians.

It is expected that the Council will adopt this decision in May-June 2016 after Ukraine implements a number of legislative acts of the European Union.

Afterwards, the Ukrainians with the biometric passports will be able to travel to the European countries on a visa-free basis. They will still have to collect a minimum set of documents for the trip but the visit to the consulate or embassy will not be required.

“GORDON” collected and systematized the information on the terms of implementation of the visa-free regime with the European Union, as well as the changes that the new regime will involve.


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