What candidates have been eliminated for the Head of the National Police?

The Competition Commission has not admitted 20 of the 64 candidates to the contest for the post of the National Police Head.

“Ukrainian News” was informed by the commission member Yevgeniy Zakharov .

According to him, the first meeting of the commission has taken place, where the Rules and Procedure has been approved and documents from applicants have been reviewed.

“We have checked the documents and withdrew from the contest 20 candidates, because their documents did not comply the qualification requirements for the position of the Head of National Police”, reported Zakharov.

Commission requested additional information regarding 7 candidates.

Two of them have already provided the necessary information and have been admitted to the competition, another 5 – should submit by 10:00 on January 23.

Zakharov has not mentioned the names of 20 people who were not admitted to the competition, but noted that the Acting Head of the National Police Vadim Troyan , after a long study of the question of having necessary managing experience, was admitted by the Commission to the competition.

The Commission plans to start testing the candidates on 24 January and interviews with them – 30 January.

Competition Commission intends to define 3 applicants for the Head of National Police until 15 February.

64 people have submitted their applications for participation in the contest for the post of the National Police Head.

As it is known, on November 14, 2016, Khatia Dekanoidze resigned from her post as the Head of the National Police, the Cabinet of Ministers granted her request. Her duty is currently performed by the First Deputy of National Police Head Vadim Troyan.

On December 15, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced the advisory contest for the post of National Police Head.

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