What shall one do in case of detention at checkpoints – video instruction

On crossing roadblocks or entry-exit checkpoints in the conflict zone, border service officers can identify problems with documents of citizens. At the same time, those people do not often know about their rights and the competence of military officers.

“The Gromadskoe Donbass TV” has prepared video instruction about what to do in case of detention on entry-exit checkpoints.

Journalists note that if there are problems with personal ID documents, border service officers have no right to detain people.

“If you have problems with documents: an expired passport or no photo, you can be refused in crossing entry-exit checkpoints, but you can not be detained”, the video explains.

In addition, according to video instruction, being in the “lists of the Security Service of Ukraine” or “Mirotvorets” website is not grounds for arrest.

“If you are detained and law enforcement authorities are called for, a detention protocol should be drawn up”. It is important that previously criminal proceedings should be opened and recorded it to the register of pre-trial investigations. In another case, they are not allowed to detain anybody, examine or take to the police station”, the authors of the video emphasize.

In case of rights’ violation on crossing entry-exit checkpoints, a complaint statement to the prosecutor’s office should be written.

The authors of the video also advise to call hotlines in case of undue detention:

Security Service of Ukraine 0800 501 482;

Donbass SOS 0800 309 110;

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada 0 800 50 14 20.

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