What should Ukrainian expect from the new Labor Code?

Siesta, extended vacation, and shortened trial period: these are only some of the novations, which might be introduced in the new Labor Code of Ukraine.

For instance, a sleep break might appear in the Ukrainians’ work schedule at the hottest time of the day – from 2 to 5 p.m. Our citizens may be able to rest more not only during the weekdays, but the vacations as well, for, in accordance with the legislators’ design, the vacation should become four days longer and constitute four full weeks.

Among other benefits are the extension of unpaid leave (for family reasons) up to 90 days; the shortening of trial period from three to one month; the pay increase for night shifts and overtime. In the event of employer refusing to fairly compensate the employee’s work, the employee shall not be obliged to perform the task assigned.

However, there are other provisions in the new draft Labor Code and these are not exactly pleasant ones. For instance, there are provisions, which include the shortening of the dismissal notice period from two months down to one, as well as new reasons for discharge.

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Source: Slovo I Dilo

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