What will happen to Ukraine once the total lustration of the judges is finished?

Completely substituting all judges in Ukraine could lead to a collapse of the judiciary for 3-7 years.

Bogdan Lvov, the President of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, made such a statement during a live broadcast of “Svoboda Slova” on Monday, January 25.

Substituting all judges at once is impossible: both practically and with respect to the universal guarantees of judiciary, to the judges rights, with ‘rights’ meaning not the benefits and privileges of judges as individuals, but posing as the guarantees of fair decision-making aimed at safeguarding the citizens’ rights and freedoms.

By all accounts, especially if one considers that current legislation provides the obligatory one-year training period for all judges, substituting every judge in Ukraine, out of almost 8000 people, would result in halting the work of courts and lead to the collapse of judicial practice for 3-7 years at least”, the Justice has summarized.
Source: The Observer

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