When is it better to rent an office in the business center of Kyiv?

The decision to move to a new office is not always connected with the expansion of the company or the reduction of staff. Size does matter, but this is not the only argument. It is an important strategic step to choose a location for your company. Moving means finding a place that matches your financial, marketing and other goals. In other words, this is an important factor for successful business development. Are you looking for such a location in Kyiv? You can find more information about different offers from landlords at the A-Office website.

Indicators of a need for relocation

We have prepared a list of the main reasons for moving to a new business center in the center of Kyiv to help you make the right decision.

Insecure nature of the area. If your office has an unfavorable location, it may cause some problems with employment of professional. This is especially relevant to companies that require highly specialized specialists. A good area is important for customers. Therefore, it is better to rent an office in BC, located closer to the central part of the city and the lively places.

Damage to reputation. The loft in the bohemian style can be an ideal place to start. But if is a growing company, the office must also change. Choosing a location that does not match the company’s image can damage its reputation. It is worth choosing an office in the business center, which will make an impression of the solidity and stability of your company.

Outdated services. Are you satisfied with the quality of services provided in the business center? How do they meet the needs of employees and customers? Obsolete buildings can cause a risk to health.

Lack of new repairs, slow internet, lack of parking spaces, poor heating and water supply clearly indicate the need for relocation.

Market changes. Perhaps in another area there are new opportunities for business development. In this case, relocation can be useful on a long-term horizon.

Dissatisfied team. Happy employees are productive employees. If your staff is dissatisfied with your work environment, it’s time to make changes.

Prohibition of repairs. Some landlords do not allow their customers to do repairs and even set forth such a provision in the agreement. If you need to improve the workspace and cannot agree on this, it’s time to look for a new location.

High costs. You may need significant savings to offset additional costs. This is especially true for small businesses.

Reducing the cost of rent and utilities by moving to a more economical office can be justified.

Wrong size. Labor productivity drops dramatically in crowded offices. Too much space means that you pay for something that is not used.

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