Women-entrepreneurs shared the lessons of their success

During the First International Conference of Women-Entrepreneurs, held on November 12 in Kiev, the businesswomen exchanged experiences of their own success.

“Law and Business” reports: Kiev Chamber of Commerce and Industry became a host of the discussion panel and the unique success classes “Success in You”.

Each of the TOP-most successful women has their own secret of translating ideas into reality, but we can still highlight a few their recipes:

Family business is trending. Tetyana Semenchenko, co-owner and co-founder of TM Vovk constantly keeps the function of a business partner included. After all, she runs a clothing business with her husband. We have to compromise more often than we would like. But the tandem of female and male vision of commercial projects creates unique products in the market.

The family and its traditions serve as the key to the client’s trust.

A brand is always values. Natalya Kolodnitska, founder of the brand Zarina Jewelry House, regained the company’s previously lost market position through the rebranding. For this, it was necessary to turn to the issue of value and create conceptual collections for different types of women. So, it was possible to satisfy the demand of bright female students and status grand ladies.

A dream is the beginning of a business. Tetyana Abramova, founder of RITO, started with one household knitting machine and today she exports knitwear to European countries. She assures that the reason for success is a dream, because at the beginning of the business she knew absolutely nothing about knitwear. Still dreaming of creating a fashion house like Chanel and it gives her strength to constantly move forward.

All of them are united by commitment, a long path with obstacles, and therefore they are sure – “Success is in you.”

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